Second Life


Second Life is a 3D virtual reality consisting exclusively of user created content. At first look it might appear to be a computer game, but it is much more than that. It is a real world with its own lore, culture, and even currency based economy. It can be used for Role Playing, or games, but also for artistic creation, community, or even charity. I used to engage in a wide range of activities within Second Life, which primarily serves as a three dimensional expansion of my creativity.

Content creation

I am a professional builder, scripter, general content creator and artist in Second Life. I create various things from buildings to pocket watches. This topic has its own page that you find by following the link below.

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[SSD] Starspirit Design

Starspirit Design is the brand name under which I sell some items I created in Second Life. The product range is under continuous development and is expanding. So far the most notable are my top quality realistic pocket watches.

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The Independent State of Caledon

Caledon is a Victorian/Steampunk themed micro-nation within Second Life. Even though Caledon is a virtual nation, its community and spirit is very real. Since its founding in 2006, the citizens of Caledon are actively involved in culture, education, arts and charity. The community has many notable members, including great visual artists, musicians and singers, philosophers, writers, poets and lot of other people who are serving as a good example for today. It is a world where classical values such as honor, modesty and chivalry are still alive, and created a perfect blend with humanism, enlightened liberalism and tolerance. All kind of people, regardless of race, gender, age, religion or political views are present, living in peace, tolerance and respect towards each other.

Caledon is a real exemplary community which holds a bright torch in this dark and twisted wold of today.

Caledonians are also notable in generosity, and actively participate in a wide range of cultural and charity events, amongst which the most important is Relay For Life, and annual fund-raiser event cycle for cancer research. Every year RFL has its series of events within Second Life, where Team Caledon is always a notable contributor, often being in the top three regarding the amount of money raised for RFL.

I myself am proud to call Caledon my home away from home, and my virtual home within Second Life. MY activity within the community varies based on many factors, but I try to contribute as much as I can. There are already some architecture in Caledon created by me, and I also own a few shops under the name of Starspirit Design.