Nov 162011

A few days ago, after a long struggle with my inner feelings, my fear of society and my loss of artistic inspiration, I managed to overcome my demons, wrote the following on a sticky note, framed it with red pencil, and stuck it on the edge of my computer screen: “My mind can travel even when my body can’t. My mind is always Free!” Then on another note I wrote “Start up the blog!” and stuck it on the center of the screen to make it the first thing I see next morning.

When I decided first to create a blog, I don’t remember – it was a long time ago, and there are numerous failed attempts behind me – usually I gave up blogging every time after writing the first few posts, when almost nobody did even read them yet. Just creating a blog is easy, but creating one that makes sense, and worths the trouble is much harder. I was always looking at the world in quite an unusual way, which sometimes proved to be a blessing, and a curse other times. But I did live too long hiding, afraid of being unable to tell the World what I have to tell. I decided to hide no more, and take up the challenge once and for all: I step out of the shadows, and shout my message in the wind. Some will understand, others will not, I will have to learn how to live with that, and in the same time do my best to deliver this message the most efficient way possible.

There are so many things to share, so many wonders and horrors are out there in the World. The Internet makes it possible to anyone to make their voice heard – however, I am just one of the million voices. Still, I believe that what I can share, might find its way to the heart of some, and may give them something. And every time you give something from the heart to someone, the World becomes a little bit better. And also, this blog shall be my window to the World. I can’t live as a prisoner of my own mind, my own Universe, I have to speak, I have to shout – and maybe, I will even being heard. We will see.

In this blog, I plan to write about anything and everything I feel worthy of sharing, but still it will be centered around three Paths – or categories, if you like. Each Path is an important side of me, though some topics may belong to multiple Paths. The reader will be able to either read the main blog, which contains all of my posts, including general posts that don’t really belong to any of the Paths, or chose to look at one Path directly, and read posts in that one only.

The three Paths will be the Path of Freedom, which is mainly about traveling, adventures, artistic creation and some lighter philosophy, the Path of Wisdom which is about all kind of philosophy and the less material sides of existence, and the Path of the Horse, which is about my spiritual journey through the Art of Horsemanship, and what horses can teach to us if we treat them with the proper respect. Soon I will write more about the Paths, possibly even an introduction to them.

I can’t really sum up everything this blog stands for in a few lines. It will be about anything and everything that is me, and what I have to say. This is my voice in the wind.

The design and structure of the site is mostly done, but it is still under development. So not everything is final, and things may change as I test out new features. So the site is still in “beta” stage.

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