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My name is Storm (‘Vihar’ in Hungarian). This name I found through spiritual revelations, and I consider it ti be my Real name. First of all, I am an artist and adventurer, and Natural Equine Communication Specialist. My personal dream is live entirely from art, and be able to travel in the World, getting inspiration, learn more and take photos.

As an artist my main areas of interest are graphics, painting, digital graphics, photography, digital painting, design, Virtual realities such as Second Life (3D modelling, etc) and literature. My next dream and goal is to become a professional photographer.

My mission however is related to horses and horsemanship: I wish to combine violence free, natural and sustainable horsemanship with the classical Art of Horsemanship, research its history, educate people and help horses to have a better life, without suffering.


I’ve born in 1986, in Hungary, where I still live.

Since the very beginning I had special interest in some areas, most notably in drawing, creating things, and in horses – and these are still the key aspects of my life. I started drawing when I first got a pencil in my hands. And when the first time in my life I had the chance to touch a horse, some magical bound formed, and later I realized I can’t live without horses.

So it seems, early on I already had an idea about what are important for me in life. I was also very curious about how things work, and why. I loved to create and design all kind of things and gadgets, or take things apart just to study them, and think about how they could be used in other ways or made better. I suppose, this means I had the hacker mentality as well already.

During my childhood I also had to learn that I have some problems in social relations (though I only realized the reason few years ago.), making it hard to integrate and finding friends, so most of the time I was busy with my own interests, like drawing. Then I decided to continue my studies on the field of electronics, especially digital technologies.

Storm with a black stallion

The Path of the Horse

During secondary school, thanks to a family friend I had the chance to start horse riding for free, which otherwise we just couldn’t afford. Soon I got involved in alternative horsemanship schools usually referred to as Natural Horsemanship. I realized that a relationship based on mutual trust, love and friendship, without any violence is the only way for me. I’ve been inspired by many people, and developed a strong interest in the classical Art of Horsemanship. I also got in touch with many people all around the World.

Also around this time, I learned more about The Goddess of Horses (mostly known by her Celtic name: Epona) who teaches values like love, respect, modesty and justice. I also started to take drawing more seriously, and started practicing martial arts. These both catalyzed my interest in spirituality and philosophy.

After the final exams I realized that electronic engineering is way too material and cold for me. After all my friends suggested, I simply left the electronics school, and applied for an art school in Eger, one of the centers of art life in Hungary.

Suddenly I realized that creating art is what I always wanted to do, and where I feel home. In the meanwhile my connection to Epona grew stronger and stronger, until I realized that Her path is my path, and sworn an oath to her, and that in the rest of my life I will do my best to help horses whenever I can. Then, after two years I left Eger without a diploma, because I felt I need more freedom and can’t stand being bound to school rules and timetables anymore.

For the next years I tried many ways, searching for my freedom. I tried to work in offices but ended up depressed and suffering. I had some great times as well as dark times, but still I couldn’t really find my place. I didn’t even know where to look for my peace… until recently.

On the summer of 2011, after a year of working, trying and dreaming I had the chance to travel to India and the old West-Tibet (Ladakh) for 50 days. During this journey I seem to have found my place in traveling, adventuring and creating in freedom. Also on this journey, I decided finally to create a blog to share all my experiences, thought and artworks with the World.

Mission and further dreams

I gave up trying to have a conventional job. I had to realize I just can’t live that way, it slowly kills me from within. My only chance is to work hard and try to live from creation. I also have to travel again, as traveling is the best thing that ever happened to me, it frees up my mind and soul and lets me experience true Freedom.

My mission to help horses, develop the Art of Horsemanship and spread knowledge for free to the whole World is the most important thing for me in Life. I dream about having my own place one day where I can give a safe and loving home to a few horses, practice the Arts, and try to organize some education. However, to accomplish this, first I have to mind my spiritual path, develop, learn, experience, and also acquire financial stability.

My new big dream is to became a professional photographer, but for that I will need a proper DSLR camera that I cannot afford. So right now I try to find ways to get closer to this dream, and acquire a camera.

Before Rothang Pass, in the Himalaya

Before Rothang Pass, in the Himalaya


(My activities will be explained in more detail on the Activities page)

I am a mostly self-taught artist with an expanding range of interests main interests. On top of the fields I am already working on I wish to get into new areas, such as etching and woodcut printing, calligraphy, typography and book design, illustrations and much more. I am also greatly interested in analogue photography, especially early methods such as daguerreotypes and wet plates. Also I want to experiment with Do-It-Yourself gear and tools, including DIY photography equipment.

I am a builder and content creator in the virtual world of Second Life. I create all kind of high quality things, from buildings like bridges or palaces to delicate items such as highly realistic and detailed pocket watches. Second Life combines 3D modeling, scripting and other techniques in a virtual reality where you can be a resident and a creator in the same time. All the other people are real humans, who also create and share. I am member of the noble community of The Idependent State of Caledon, a steampunk/Victorian themed micro nation, home to many great minds and hearts, and of course, excellent artists too.

I am also a hacker. No, it has nothing to do with breaking into computers or any illegal stuff. Being a hacker means to use things in unusual ways, making more out of them than what they were, pushing and bypassing the limitations of systems and such. Like for example, using Lego to build a machine that has practical use, is quite a hack. What Leonrado da Vinci did was also a good example of professional hacking, making him the greatest hacker of all times in my eyes. My main areas of hacker activity are mechanical hacking (yeah, I DID build machines out of Lego!), and using the hacking mentality in art as well as everyday things.

I am a self-taught experimental cook as well. It means, in cooking I don’t stick with conventions and recipes but instead experiment freely, following my feelings mostly. Sometimes I consider this a kind of hacking as well.

I am practicing martial arts. I am interested in many, and would like to acquire a wide range knowledge instead of settling with one specific style. I already practiced a few different styles. I also practice traditional archery whenever I can (not being able to buy my own bow yet), and my long run goal is to practice traditional Hungarian Horseback Archery reimplemented on the natural and violence-free methods I use in working with horses – also I want to adapt traditional Spanish Doma Vaquera and medieval horseback fighting techniques to my methods.

I am walking my own way in horsemanship. Although I was inspired by many masters, both old and present, and studied some different styles, I don’t follow anyone. I do what I feel from the depth of my heart to be right, and what the horses teach me. The horses themselves are my greatest teachers. I am also interested in natural and holistic equine health care, including hoof care and trimming as well as dentistry, but good resources are hard to acquire, and tuition is horribly expensive in these areas.

I am using alternative (natural/holistic) medicine. I refuse to take chemicals (nowadays called “medicine”), only in worst case when I don’t have, or don’t know a natural solution and it’s getting bad. I am also a healer. I was doing energetic healing since I was a kid, but later I also got involved in a unique system, and even later Tibetan Prana Nadi. I sometimes make my own herbal teas and oils, and can cook food that assists regeneration, or can cure some weaker diseases.

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