About the Blog


Life is so vast and amazing, and there is so much to share. This is why I created this blog, to share my thoughts, experiences, adventures and art with the World. You can read a bit more about this in the first post: My voice in the wind.

I organized the posts into three Paths. The Paths are general areas of my life and interest, like categories, but they sum up many things. My idea was that since I plan to write about many different things, to avoid the blog getting chaotic and bloated, I give the reader an option to read only posts that are more closely connected.


The Path of Freedom is about freedom both in mind, soul and body. Thus, this Path contains posts mainly about my adventures and travels, art and artworks, and some lighter philosophy.


The Path of the Horse is about everything horses and horsemanship, from practical matters to art and philosophy.


The Path of Wisdom is for philosophical matters from light to heavy, spirituality, wisdom, religion, knowledge, and the search for the truth.


You can read either one of the Paths, or the Main Blog which contains all Paths, and also general posts that might not appear in any of the Paths. Also, one post can belong to more than one Paths. Since this is a wider and rougher categorization, if you are interested in more specific posts, you can use the Tags, found in the sidebar to the right, the Subcategories listed above Tags when viewing a Path, or the Search found in the top right corner of the page, in the header.

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