Jun 232013

I didn’t write for a long-long time, and I also disappeared from Facebook and other places on the Internet. The reason for this is that I’ve gone through some hard times. My grandmother become very sick. She had several surgeries, and I had to help her a lot with daily things. Her condition was slowly degrading, and after about a half years of struggling she passed away. This did impacted me emotionally (for she was very close to me), but also my whole life was turned in and out and upside down, since I was living with her in her house for a long time.

But life can’t stop, it must go on and so must I. Many things around me I let to fall into neglect, but that must change. I must get back to working on, and fighting for making my dreams true. I must continue this blog, as I have so much to share, and most importantly I must finally continue and finish the story of my journey in West Tibet – many years passed and I’m still only in the beginning with blogging it. I also must continue working on my art projects.

In general, I’m VERY unsatisfied with my productivity in the last half year. I could have done much, much more… and I must do my best to correct that. Now it’s more important than ever, as now I’m living alone – this has both positive and negative aspects. The negatives are that I must take care of everything alone, including paying the bills, and I might have to find a new home as well at some point – which also means that I must temporarily abandon my idea of trying to gather the money to buy the DSLR camera I dream about, and save any money I get for survival. I’m really unhappy about this, but right now I don’t see any other way. The positive aspects are that I have now much more freedom, I can concentrate solely on myself, which I should exploit in order to push forward my dreams and plans.

So, my current plan is to publish the next part of my journey in no more than a few days, and also resume the work on my latest unfinished artworks and upload them to the Internet as soon as I can.

Aug 072012
Landscape rendered in Blender

Most of my friends and acquittance know that I was doing some basic 3D modeling as part of my Second Life content creator activities. But honestly, my knowledge and experience was very basic and vague, limited to the creation of shapes by manually moving around vertices (points of the mesh making up 3D objects) mostly, using but one or two basic ones of the many advanced tools only. Really it was only good to create the limited simple custom shapes available in Second Life at that time, and known as “sculpted primitives“. Then some time later the more advanced 3D technology came to SL, allowing the creation and use of complex meshes, or in other words, 3D objects with much less limitations than sculpted prims, but my knowledge wasn’t adequite to make them, even though I understood the theory of it, I lacked practical, technical knowledge. At that time I used an old and very outdated copy of 3D Studio Max, which is (or in case of that copy, was at its time) one of the most widely used professional 3D modeling programs along with Maya, Blender, and a few more.

I wanted to catch up, and finally I decided I will start learning more about 3D so I can create these new mesh objects in Second Life. But honestly, I found using 3DS Max very complicate, and it had many features I disliked, like how it treated the 3 dimensional coordinate systems for example, it often confused me and messed up my work, not to mention instability and the obscurity of its functions. Also, it was an old copy of a proprietary software, and I thought if I learn, I should learn the latest technology, but I didn’t have $1800 for the latest 3DS Max, not to mention that even if I had, I would find it ridiculous to spend that much money if there is any other option. Well, there is! Continue reading »

Aug 012012

I have been thinking a lot lately. I made quite a few mistakes, and I need a lifestyle change – or more correctly said: I need to get back to a lifestyle I lost many many years ago. I also reconsidered my current direction and efforts, including my Camino project idea and this blog – you can already see a totally new design and quite a few new features. I changed many things already and more changes are in plan. Let me explain… Continue reading »

Nov 162011

A few days ago, after a long struggle with my inner feelings, my fear of society and my loss of artistic inspiration, I managed to overcome my demons, wrote the following on a sticky note, framed it with red pencil, and stuck it on the edge of my computer screen: “My mind can travel even when my body can’t. My mind is always Free!” Then on another note I wrote “Start up the blog!” and stuck it on the center of the screen to make it the first thing I see next morning.

Continue reading »

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