Apr 102012

Faces of El Camino is a unique project idea merging art, journalism and two personal dreams into one journey walked both physically, spiritually and metaphorically – and all these together created a greater dream, to walk the famous pilgrimage route of El Camino de Santiago, and document the journey in the form of photography, with special interest in the people on The Way. Pilgrims, travelers, tourists, a priest from the church of a small village, a tavern keeper, a merchant along the road, or a shepherd passing by – they are the Faces of El Camino, the people who make this journey unique, powerful and alive.

For this project, which connects my plan of walking the Camino and my dream of becoming a professional photographer now has its own dedicated project page here in my website! Go check it out!

Mar 112012

I am constantly working on adding the yet missing pages to the website. However many are dependent on each other and on work I have to undertake on other websites such as my art gallery, so it takes lot of time until I can finish all of them. The following pages are now available, though not all are complete yet: Art / Second Life; Activity / Second Life; Projets / [SSD] Starspirit Design. Now I concentrate on finishing up the second blog post on my journey in India.

Mar 022012

After a long unexpected downtime, the site is back again – but not simply back, it is rebuilt! The cold fact is, that I was unable to pay my domain registration renewal, and my hosting company took it down until I paid it. Also, I will not be able to afford a server hosting anymore, so I have to say goodbye my server.

However, this site is safe – a good friend let me use some space on his server, where I built up this new site from scratch, changing some things so that it will be better than the old one. I copied over the design also with some small changes, and copied all the posts too. The old blog is still there if you type “storm.houyhnhnm.net” instead of just “houyhnhnm.net”, but it will go soon, as my server hosting will be deleted as soon as it expires. I will create some redirection, so people who visit the links pointing to the old posts will be pointed to the same posts on the new site.

Now I still have to finish up some pages in the next few hours, then I finally start working on the first part of the story of my journey in India and West-Tibet, that so many people requested from me, and are waiting for. My apologies for all this, but Life sometimes is a bit complicate… :) Thank you for all your patience! I will then keep up working on the site, adding new pages and content over time, like my artworks, projects, information about my activity in Second Life, and so on – and of course keep posting into the blog!

The design is almost the same, and posts were moved to this new site.  I finish up some pages in a few hours, and start working on the first part of my journey in India and West-Tibet!

Dec 042011
After almost two months of tinkering, being unsure, and being delayed by illness and other matters, the site is now in Public Beta! This means that many things are not perfect yet, quite some things are not done at all yet, but mostly it should be usable. So far only the English version is available, a Hungarian version is still under development. It is uncertain when the interface and basic contents will be translated.

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