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Within the Virtual Reality of Second Life I create various things. Some items and resources I offer for sale, for which I created the brand name Starspirit Design. The abbreviation SSD serves as a tag I include in product names, landmark titles and so on, hopefully making it easier for people to find and identify Starspirit Design related items.

Main concept

SSD Model D-1 gold tourbillon pocket watch

SSD Model D-1 gold tourbillon pocket watch

The idea behind Starspirit Design was to create and offer high quality, detailed, carefully and artistically crafted items on reasonable prices. The main motivation behind it is the act of Creation itself, the commercial aspect is only secondary. In other words, I create my products for the sake of creation, and not only for the purpose of selling.

Also, most of my items are unique artisan crafts. I am always faithful to my own style and artistic ideas instead of following all the trends, even if that means I will earn less than I could. Just as the great designers out there in the physical world, I walk my own path, and hope that one day people will recognize my unique style and approach.

Top quality and fairness are my main business principles. I believe in that a business must offer the best for the customers, honestly, without tricks or misleading marketing. I want each customer to be satisfied with what they get for their money. For this reason, I always do my best to create great products. I also keep an eye out for any errors, and also for ways to improve them. All the products come for free updates for lifetime, so if there is an improvement or a bugfix, all customers will be delivered a free update automatically.

Product range

Right now the Starspirit Design product range is quite limited, but I am constantly working on new ideas. Hopefully I will have more time soon to release new products. Right now the most notable items are my finely crafted top quality pocket watches.

This area is still a Work In Progress.

Where to buy SSD products

The best option is to visit my Main Store in Caledon Steam Sky City. Optionally, you can visit my Second Life Marketplace store.

Custom work

I am open for commissions both small and great, depending on how much work I already have at the moment. Please contact me either by sending a notecard in Second Life, or using the Contact Form on this site.

For references, please check the following pages:

I do not have fixed pricing, it depends on the task and I discuss it with the customer each time individually.

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