Jul 102013
Vashisht morning
Vashisht morning

Vashisht morning

26th June 2011, Sunday, half past 10 AM

India, day 3, Vashisht village near Manali

I just finished my breakfast consisting of butter naan and mango lassi. The banana porridge yesterday was so delicious I almost ordered the same, but some variety doesn’t hurt. I’m up since hours but I only came to the rooftop just recently. The mountains are even less visible now, in the morning the clouds descended down into the valley, and if I look at them now they might only be a few hundred meters above my head. I just can’t admire the view enough. It wouldn’t be bad to live here, it would surely give a lot of inspiration for artistic work. But it has disadvantages as well, for example yesterday I saw a spider the size of my palm on the hotel’s wall. Later the renters of the next room (Paul and Lucie) told me that a spider like that lives in their bathroom. They are fine with it, just keeping up the distance. Another disadvantage is that this place isn’t really suitable for horses. But it is sure that in the future if I can afford I will visit here again. Continue reading »

Mar 272012

I was in India since only a half day yet, but already my whole life was turned upside down. From the safe and very boring, stressing, colorless ordinary life I suddenly jumped into the unknown, and had more amazing experiences then ever before. If after this half day I had to go home, it would already have been a life changing experience. Yes, just a half day in adventure, at a crazy, faraway land already changed my life. But this was only the beginning. Continue reading »

Mar 122012
Crowded bazaar full of ruined buildings, merchants, busy people and toursits

After a tormented half day, visiting Raj Ghat was somewhat refreshing. Gandhi always inspired me much, and visiting his memorial reminded me how lucky I am to be here, in this magical country. Chloé, Adam and me sat down on a bench to talk and decide where to go. There was a public water fountain nearby, but I didn’t dare to try and drink from it, even though some locals did. Everyone strongly suggested to not do it unless I want to catch some very nasty illness. Even most of the locals did buy bottled drinking water, and so did we.

I decided to leave my heavy backpack behind for a while, and wash my arms, chest and face, and wet my hat. The heat was unbearable, and I was technically breathing hot steam which felt like it burns my throat and lungs, and I couldn’t escape anywhere from it, but the cold water gave me a few minutes of refreshment. Continue reading »

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