Aug 032012
The deep canyon of the Beas river

It was still only the first day of my 50 days in India, but already so many things happened, that I couldn’t keep up with my own thoughts and emotions. The day was close to its end, and the sun was setting down somewhere above the great city of Delhi. The bus was still in the huge city, but the first part of my journey ended, and I was on my way to start the next part. I don’t know what time it was or since how long I was on the bus, all my memories are chaotic and mixed with images I saw in my strange state of consciousness halfway between sleep and wake. And even though my body still suffered from the lack of sleep and food – I had but a single naan I packed when I was in the restaurant, waiting for the time to meet the ticket broker, and eating it was hardly enough to end hunger – somehow, inside I was happy and excited about the journey. I think I had some sleep, maybe an hour or two on the bus, because I gathered a bit of strength back, enough to take a few photos through the window. Continue reading »

Mar 272012

I was in India since only a half day yet, but already my whole life was turned upside down. From the safe and very boring, stressing, colorless ordinary life I suddenly jumped into the unknown, and had more amazing experiences then ever before. If after this half day I had to go home, it would already have been a life changing experience. Yes, just a half day in adventure, at a crazy, faraway land already changed my life. But this was only the beginning. Continue reading »

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