Apr 062012
Old man in medieval pilgrim garb: brown cape and wide felt hat adorned with scallop shells

My journey to India and Ladakh was the best thing that ever happened in my life. Not only some of my greatest dreams came true, but it opened up a whole new World for me, both physically and metaphorically. In travel, I was home – and I was free. Very often I remember it, and wish I could be there once again, traveling around , limited by nothing but my imagination.

After coming home, I had to realize that I was right: I’ve born to be a traveler. And this also means, I just cannot stay in the same place for too long without losing my freedom and happiness. I have to travel, again and again. Sometimes the journey is only within, but sooner or later I have to leave behind the lands I know for another adventure. So I decided to go on a very special journey once again. I decided to walk the El Camino de Santiago, the most famous pilgrimage route of the World. Continue reading »

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